Which Front-End server is my Lync account registered to?

If you have multiple Front-End servers, your account will be randomly homed to one of them, and it’s not revealed if you just get-csuser. You need to Get-CsUserPoolInfo <username>. This won’t spell it out for you, but you should be able to figure out which FE is which.

Alternatively, Get-CsUserPoolInfo <username> | Select-Object -Expand PrimaryPoolMachinesInPreferredOrder will ID the server, down to its FQDN. I’m yet to find a way I can move a user to a different Front-End. Call me fussy, but I always like to have MY account on the first FE.


The other way to find the home server’s much more painful. If you get-csuser <username> | fl * it dumps EVERYTHING.

Piping to “fl *” will often reveal hidden information you didn’t even know was there. Try it sometime!




  1. Did you find a way to move a user to a different Front-End?

    i am also desperately looking for this.
    We have 5 servers in production and wanted to check the functionality of the each user.

  2. Alas Bob(?), it’s no-can-do. The algorithm for your server login sequence (and thus your home server) is fixed when your account is created.

    This article on NextHop confirms that the hash is based upon your SIP URI, so in that case you’re toast, sorry. :-(


    (Being the trusting soul I am, I tried anyway: I have a Lync with 2x EE FE and 1x SE FE, and I moved my account 4 times to the SE and back, and ALWAYS ended up homed to the same (unwanted) EE FE. Dammit).

    • Alas, no. There’s been no apparent change to the way users are distributed across the FE’s and no extra manual control added.

      In retrospect I think this quest is probably a bit of a red herring, given how routing groups are designed to fail around a dead server. You’re more likely to get a better health indicator from Get-CsPoolFabricState and Get-CsPoolUpgradeReadinessState. (Note that the latter has been removed from SfBS2019, replaced by Get-CsUpgradeDomainInfo.)

      Check out the story I tell in this post in 2016:

      – G.

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