A Christmas 2012 update for Lync 2010 & 2013 Phone Edition

Clearly we’ve made Santa’s “nice” list this year, as he’s bestowed upon us an early Christmas present (or, for the cynics/realists, a belated CU7 for the “Phone Edition”).

This update delivers MOH to the Aries family of phones, addresses a sometimes strange problem where Common Area Phones won’t log back in after the FE has restarted, and banishes the strange white lines on the CX500 and CX600 displays.

For bonus points, we also have confirmation that “The software works with both Lync 2010 and Lync 2013”.

These are the highlights:

2703325 MOH!

After the update is applied, neither the administrator nor users can configure or customize the audio file that is used for the “Music on Hold” feature. This is because the audio file is embedded in the update.
After the update is applied, if more than one call is on hold at the same time, music is played only for the first call. This occurs because the processing power of the telephone is limited.

2781617 You see “Sign-in Error Cannot assign a certificate to this account. Please contact your support team.” on a common area phone after a FE restart.

2781618 A white screen or a white horizontal line appears on a Polycom telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition

2781620 White lines appear on the screen of a Polycom telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition (Ooh: “Note The update may not resolve the issue in some cases.”)

Phone Edition (4.0.7577.4366)

Pat Richard’s “New-CsFirmware.ps1” will have these uploaded for you in a jiffy!

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