Enabling logging on the Sonus Tenor gateway

If you’re ever trying to debug a Sonus / NET / Quintum Tenor gateway, you’ll not get far by relying on Config Manager’s “Call Log” view.  When you’re ready to get serious, Telnet to the gateway and issue these commands:

ev l3 sproto Enables Level 3 logging of all the SIP messaging
ev l3 ch Enables Level 3 logging of Call Handling. It’s described as a “master process” and is considered vital when tracing
ev l3 pri_dec Enables ISDN logging
ev l3 cas Enables CAS logging
ev c Clear the buffer
ev qu Display to screen


The gateway will then log all relevant messages to the screen. (You need to hit “Q” to get back to command mode).

(BTW it’s OK with you asking it to log modules that aren’t installed, so you don’t need to worry about that).

If the above results in an output that’s too noisy, perhaps experiment with a different level of logging, or turn a module off altogether. Just repeat the command specifying “l0” instead of “l3” to turn it off – that’s a lower-case L and a zero. Setting “Level 0” disables logging on that module. Level 1 or Level 2 might be worth a look, especially if you’re working with a Tenor DX and ISDN ports.

If you still happen to still be using Symantec’s awesome Procomm Plus terminal software (and it *still* works under Windows 8.1, years after it was discontinued!), here’s the above in a script file:

;Tenor Tracer
proc main
transmit "^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev l3 sproto^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev l3 ch^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev l3 pri_dec^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev l3 cas^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev c^M"
waitfor "#" forever
transmit "ev qu^M"
waitfor "#" forever



– G.

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