A VVX Courtesy Phone

It’s not an uncommon requirement to provide a “courtesy” phone in a public area. In a hotel it might be a “house phone”. In many deployments all the visitor does is lift the handset from its cradle and the phone autodials or “hotlines” to the required destination.



Given the VVX is connected to the network and you’re putting it in an environment where it might be vulnerable to greater risks than simply theft, you’ll want to lock the config down.

With some help from my peer Jersey, here’s a config file that:

  • Disables all features possible
  • Removes all on-screen options possible
  • Disables all external ports, including the rear Aux port, USBs (if it has them) and the pass-through Ethernet port
  • Disables all buttons other than the digit keypad and the volume up/down buttons – and you can lock them out too if you’re feeling so inclined. Refer the Admin Guide for the key numbers.
  • And finally, hotlines to a predetermined destination. If you still want the phone to be able to dial numbers manually, just remove this line from the config file.



I couldn’t leave Sign-in enabled, because to do that successfully from the phone you also need to use the softkeys (which are disabled). If the phone finds itself signed-out at any time you’ll need to sign in back in from the browser. If this is a problem for you, you’ll need to enable at least Softkeys 1 & 4 as well as changing this to a 0:



These are the lines in the file that set the Hotline capability:

<!-- Autodial/Hotline to Switchboard / etc –>
<call call.autooffhook.1.contact="1231" call.autooffhook.1.enabled="1" />

Either delete them (to revert to ‘normal’ operation) or change “1231” to your chosen destination.


Try as I might I couldn’t get rid of the More softkey. It’s a little moot given the button underneath it is disabled anyway.



The config file “courtesy.cfg” lives in my new VVX Github Repo.


Thanks to Jersey for the prompt that started this, and for contributing to the code herein.

Revision History

26th August 2018. This is the initial release.


– G.

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