Updating Exchange 2010 OWA for Lync

Having been inundated with Lync work since it was released over a year ago, I’ll admit to having not paid a lot of attention to OCS.

Once area where OCS continues to play a part in Lync installations is the IM functionality we now enjoy through Exchange 2010 OWA. Those are actually OCS components you’re installing!

Accordingly, having just updated Lync to CU5, I thought I should scope the latest OCS updates for the Lync part of OWA.

As I referenced in my CU5 post, the Lync ServerUpdateInstaller.EXE didn’t find anything it wanted to install on my combo Hub/CAS/Mailbox/UM server.

I have however found one component that could do with a refresh.


Here’s the update to take the UCMA Redist to 3.5.6907.244. (January 2012). Or do as I do and just run the OCS ServerUpdateInstaller from here.

This will take your Web Service Provider to 3.5.6907.202 if you’re not already (as mine is). (May 2010).


A simple update for me, and here’s the result:


BTW, if you’ve not already performed the integration process, I’ve referenced it a few times in earlier posts:

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Integrating Lync and Exchange 2010 SP1


– G.

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