Lync CU6

Lync CU 6 has just landed. It takes the server to .199, the client to .4103, and OCPE to .4100.

I’ve placed all of the relevant links in my new “Lync Resource Toolkit” page, my new one-stop shop for Lync bits, which I’ll be keeping current. It’s up the top of the grey bar on the RHS under “Pages”.

Of interest to me in this update:

Client: 2703312 A user cannot join a Lync Online meeting that is created in another organization by using Lync 2010

OCPE: 2709668 An update is available that enables Lync 2010 Phone Edition to communicate with Lync servers or Exchange server that use wildcard certificates

2703333 An update is available for Lync 2010 Phone Edition that adds the Presence Unknown status to the My Status option. [Unknown?? I can set my status to Unknown now??]

Mobility: 2703338 Presence status on certain Lync 2010 mobile clients is updated to “Inactive” instead of “Away” after 5 minutes in the idle state

CU 6 – June 2012

CU 6 Gateway Compatibility

  • NET UX1000 & 2000 – v2.1.2 v150 or later
  • NET VX – 4.7.5 v73

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