Polycom BToE v1.0.0

Polycom’s UCS v5.0.0 firmware for the VVX family and the companion PC device driver “Better Together over Ethernet” v1.0.0 have just landed and made quite a splash.

You can download the new firmware and documentation from HERE.

In this post I walk you through the BToE installation. It’s useless on its own, but you have to start somewhere…

Run the MSI:




I ran the x64 version, but it’s going in in my x86 program files tree:


Strangely, when I clicked Install at this point it asked me if I wanted to abort (even though there’s no Cancel option on that form!):


So I said “no” and was taken back to the previous form, where I clicked Install again, and was faced with the more familiar UAC:


It all happened so quickly – I had a driver install popup and the “Successful!” form almost instantly:



(I opted-out of the reboot).

It seems that in my enthusiasm to capture the screens, I must have rejected the install of the driver, which would come to bite me very quickly. When I clicked on the new icon on the desktop, I was greeted by the following error:


“Driver components missing in the current installation. Please reinstall Polycom BToE Connector”.


A quick re-run of the MSI gave me a Repair option, and the driver was installed without any further problems. Now when I run it I see the following:




I have nothing to pair with as I haven’t upgraded my VVX yet – that’s my next post

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