SfB 2019 Resource Toolkit

This is my personal go-to page for essential Skype for Business 2019 resources. Check out the other versions of this page in the menu on the RHS (or scroll to the bottom if you’re on a mobile device).

Server Update – “CU0” – October 2018

No updates yet, we’ve only just hit the GA release: 7.0.2046.0.

Client Security Update – November 2018

This update to the client takes it from 15.0.5071.1000 to 15.0.5085.1000.

  • x86 (lync2013-kb4461487-fullfile-x86-glb.exe)
  • x64 (lync2013-kb4461487-fullfile-x64-glb.exe)

You’ll find more info in this post.

Official Microsoft bits

Utils & Tools

Looking for the ResKit and SEFAUtil? As MS has revealed we’ll see SEFAUtil in PowerShell in a forthcoming CU, it would surprise me to have them release it now as an .exe and then make it obsolete in a month or two. Happy to be proven wrong of course. Watch this space.


  • To come.

Third-party contributions


Skype for Business Survival Guide

If it’s not on Ståle’s master list here, it doesn’t exist:


Utils, Tools & Scripts



Certificate management

Certificates now warrant a section to themselves!

Blogs & related websites

My own posts

Check the Skype for Business groups in the Categories menu, as well as “PowerShell” for my scripts and “SDK” for my utilities that plug in to the client.

– G.