Lync: “The provided credentials are not authorized by the server”

I was recently testing a Lync deployment prior to cutover, and as part of that process I needed to fail the SBA and the Front-End to ensure the users were all correctly re-directed to a SIP Registrar and that the “Limited Functionality … Outage” message displayed.

That all worked fine, but I was surprised to find that after reinstating the servers, my test user wasn’t able to join a Lync Meeting:


My SBA is already in Production with live ISDN-PABX traffic through it, so I couldn’t be too nasty to it, and so in order to perform my tests I had resorted to just stopping and re-starting the Front-End service on both it and the single EE Front-End located back in the Data Centre.

The fix for this problem was a simple one – just log the user out and back in again.

I’m sure it’s MEANT to work a little better, but until such time as it’s resolved, just chalk it up as a known issue and remember that a logout/in fixes it.

Server and Client are both CU2, and I was able to reproduce this problem by repeating the process outlined above (actually only stopping and re-starting the FE service on the SBA, to which this user is registered). I’ll try this on a fresh site next time I get the chance and report back…


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