A New Call Barges In Over an Existing One

Here’s an interesting KB a colleague stumbled across this week:

kb2868300 You are unexpectedly transferred to a second PSTN call in Lync 2013

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have an Aries or Tanjay telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition.
  • You receive and answer a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) call.
  • You receive a second PSTN call from a caller that has the same caller ID as the first call [or is Private Number].

In this scenario, the first call ends and you are unexpectedly transferred to the second call.

Sound familiar? This was around in the VERY early days of Lync 2010, and was fixed in CU2 (or was it CU1? It’s too long ago).

If you’ve encountered this recently, odds are that by now you’ve already fixed it, as the KB points you to the July 9 Hotfix, which has itself been replaced by the August Client Update. (Interestingly, when I posted the July 9 hotfix there was no mention of this fault – but I see the hotfix notice is at Rev 6 as at July 31st).

The hotfix now also addresses an additional issue:

2868301 PowerPoint presentation doesn’t fully display in Lync 2013 in German when update 2812461 is installed


For the benefit of those still trying to find a cure to the cutoff issue, here are some ways of describing it for the benefit of the search engines:

  • A second call overrides an established call on CX600
  • A second call overrides an established call on Lync Aries telephone
  • A new call replaces an existing one
  • Call cutoff and replaced by new call


Thanks Damo. The link to your blog will go here… ;-)

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