The larger and more complex your on-prem SfB installation is, the greater the likelihood of encountering firewall problems.

If you run this script on your Front-End server(s) it will:

  • query the topology to find all of the Edge servers. (Add the “-site” switch to only retrieve those in a given topology site)
  • initiate a TCP probe to all of them on all the ports that should be open: 443, 4443, 5061, 5062, 8057 & 50001
  • output the results to screen
  • output the results to the pipeline as an object
  • save the results in the log file in csv format

The one thing it won’t do is attempt a UDP connection to port 3478. (OK, and yes I’m figuring if 50001 is open, so will 50002 and 50003).



Download the script from the Technet Gallery site.

Revision History

v1.0 10th December 2018. This is the initial release.

– G.

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