Lync Call Admission Control (CAC) traps #2 – “bandwidth policy override” only works 1-way!!

Here’s a good one.

I was on-site with a customer recently and we decided to implement CAC in an effort to resolve some voice quality issues between the remote Branch and the Central Site.

Before starting work I edited all of the Voice Policies and checked the bandwidth policy override…


My approach was to override CAC for the active users (in all of the Voice Policies) and then create a new Policy for my own account against which to test, which of course had the override cleared.

I enabled CAC under Network Config / Global and went tinkering with the setup, only to receive complaints that users couldn’t call out…

The trap here is that CAC is actually applied by the party *receiving* the call setup attempt, and whilst the users were all able to receive calls OK, their outgoing PSTN calls were being blocked by the voice gateway, which was “correctly” applying my trial CAC settings.

Lesson: If you MUST do this during the day, don’t set the “Audio Limit” of the Policy Profile stupidly low!

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