Bugs in Lync’s ABSConfig.exe


ABSConfig is a tool included in the OCS and Lync "Resource Kit” (Reskit) that lets you tweak the behaviour of the Address Book generator.

It’s changed a little in Lync presumably because some of the ABS config is now handled by shell commandlets.

The 7577.0 release however contains a few bugs/inconsistencies.

Comments on the DrRez site suggest that some of the code might have been converted from OCS with ^H, Save-As. It’s suggested that if you hit “Restore Defaults” it will trash some of the config by re-stamping old OCS settings that are inappropriate to Lync.

I’ve also found that ABSConfig doesn’t correctly handle the radio buttons in the section “Which value of the phone number do you want to include in the ABS files?”. If you select either of the two OUTSIDE choices, then Apply changes, exit and re-run, the previous setting will have been reinstated.


PSS has acknowledged that this is a bug in ABSConfig and it will be corrected in a future update.

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