You’ve reached the blog of Greig Sheridan. I’m a 50-something gay guy living in Sydney, Australia with my partner Rocky, and we’re both being held hostage by a pair of Tonkinese cats. SEND HELP!

I was born into a farming family in country NSW, but grazing sheep and farming wheat weren’t for me – I was always into the tech stuff. (I’m reliably informed that my first foray into tech was plugging a set of keys into a power point at age two…)

My heritage is telephony. I’ve spent my entire working life involved in business communications. I left school straight into an apprenticeship with (then) Telecom Australia and I chose PABX Maintenance as my specialisation at the end of my first year of training.

The Nortel SL-1 PABX family became my bread-and-butter for almost two decades, and it was Nortel’s “Innovative Communications Alliance” with Microsoft that introduced me to “UC” and presented me an obvious career move when the good ship Nortel sank in 2008/2009. (You can read some more of my reminiscing in “From Telecom Apprentice to Lync MVP in 30 Short Years”).

I am currently employed by a leading Microsoft partner in its Sydney office, where I’m a senior consultant as well as their UC Practice Lead.

In my spare time when I’m not pandering to the cats, building or debugging things, I’m mostly coding in PowerShell (see all the tools here), as well as C# (e.g. bounSky, HIDnLync, Elyza), and even in Python, Arduino (C++), with random bits of HTML, CSS & Javascript. I’m no good at any of them, but with some help from Stack Overflow and Hey Scripting Guy (and many others) I get by.

The opinions, tips, recipes and other content on this site are not necessarily the opinion of, or endorsed by my employer. All recipes are low-fat (promise!) and do not use genetically modified ingredients.


– Greig.