How To Install An Un-Signed 3rd Party Driver in Windows 8

Here’s a shameless re-post of someone else’s great work. I’m just adding some references to Arduino and Clipsal C-Gate, Toolkit and PACA in the hope that a search engine will help guide others in similar circumstances to the fix.

Arduino Driver

I’m tinkering with a little Lync project to add a real-world “telemetry-style” interface to Lync. To do that I needed to load the latest Arduino IDE. And I couldn’t get the driver to install.

Clipsal USB drivers fail to install

Same problem with the latest C-Bus Toolkit software: despite me choosing to force the install of the USB driver, the process failed.

The fix

Here’s the fix. You basically reboot Windows 8 into what looks remarkably much like safe mode, and “disable driver signature enforcement”, then repeat your above install attempts. Sweet. Thanks Kent!

– G.

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