Lync 2013 Resource Toolkit

This is my personal go-to page for Lync 2013 resources. I’ll keep it up-to-date with all of the latest CUs and utils.

My Lync *2010* Resource Toolkit is here.

Have a read of the Lync 2013 Release Notes. There are a few known gotchas there.

Lync Server 2013 Security Update – July 2020 – 5.0.8308.1134

Client Update – August 2019

This update (Kb 4475564) took us from 15.0.5153.1001 to 15.0.5159.1000 – although the KB lists it as 15.0.5163.1000.

This is the client fix itself:

  • x86 (lync2013-kb4475564-fullfile-x86-glb.exe)
  • x64 (lync2013-kb4475564-fullfile-x64-glb.exe)

You’ll find more info in this post.

Lync Phone Edition Update – April 2017

This update takes Phone Edition to 4.0.7577.4531.
Download the relevant CAB files from here:

LRS / “SRS” – April 2016

Kb3155873. 15.15 – April 2016:

Official Microsoft bits

Utils & Tools


Third-party contributions

Utils, Tools & Scripts


Lync Blogs & related websites

My own posts

  • Get-InvalidRgsAgents.ps1 decodes instances of warnings 31137 & 31138 from your Event Logs to identify invalid RGS agents, and optionally cleanses them from the Agent Group(s).
  • Convert-SonusSbcConfigToWord.ps1 takes a backup of a Sonus SBC1000 or 2000 gateways and turns much of the content into a Word document. It saves you a lot of screen-scraping pain in your as-built, and can be a handy debugging tool too!
  • MAdCaP.ps1 – a “script”, but actually presents a GUI for you to Manage Analog devices and Common area Phones
  • HIDnLync – adds shortcut keys to change your status or personal note. Interface with external hardware and use it to trigger a change in your Lync
  • Elyza is an auto-responding ‘bot for Lync. She started out as a means to test federation and help you run Lync demo’s single-handedly, but then my partner suggested I incorporate “ELIZA”, a text-based “chatterbot” that we both encountered in our high school years…
  • Profiles for Lync v2 – bounce between multiple Lync accounts with a click of the mouse. For Lync 2010 and Lync 2013
  • Script to list unused numbers


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