New Sydney Telephone Prefix – “02 79…”

ACMA has today mailed the industry to point out that last year they issued numbers in the “02 79xx xxxx” range to several carriers, and that lucky customers with the new prefixes are complaining they can’t be called. Clearly there are plenty of PABXs (and perhaps the odd Lync or OCS installation) that don’t cater for this previously unused “B-digit” in their normalisation, routing, barring, etc.

Here’s the blurb:


In July 2012, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) created the following prefix to supplement existing geographic numbers which were running out.

State New Prefix
NSW (02) 79

The following blocks of numbers have since been allocated by the ACMA from this prefix.

Prefix Number Length From To Quantity Allocatee Allocation Date Numbering Area
0279 10 0279002000 0279021999 20,000 Soul Pattinson Telecommunications Pty Limited 20-Nov-2012 Sydney_(SZU)
0279 10 0279030000 0279039999 10,000 Agile Pty Ltd 24-Dec-2012 Sydney_(SZU)


We have been informed that calls to some end users are being blocked. Customer premises equipment (CPE) must be reprogrammed to ensure calls to newly introduced geographic numbers are not blocked.


The latest numbering plan documents can be downloaded from HERE. Jump to “Schedule 1—Geographic numbers” for the breakdown.

Whilst you’re adding “02 7”, perhaps add “03 7” at the same time, and maybe give your numbering plan a general spring-clean (in time for the Aussie winter) too.

Revision History

10th October 2021. Updated the ACMA link.
21st May 2013. This is the initial publication.


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