ZCC Lync Call Router config file

If you’re adding a Zeacom Contact Centre to your Lync deployment one component you don’t want to overlook is the “ZCC Lync Call Router”. You run this .msi on your FEs and SBAs and it rigs a safety net under your call centre: if it senses your Zeacom server is offline it will re-route calls bound for Zeacom’s endpoints to a backup RGS.

When you first install the MSI it puts a basic copy of “zcclynccallrouter.xml” in C:\Program Files\Telephony\ZCC Lync Call Router\.

Zeacom *should* auto-populate the file with the failover entries but I’ve seen instances where it doesn’t. The install guide has the correct syntax for the bits you need but only includes a screen-grab of the required config so you can’t scrape it.

Here’s a version you can copy and paste. Hopefully you’ll never need to. I don’t know why, but the app creates two entries for each endpoint. (I would have thought one for its SIP URI would be sufficient).

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<callRouteSection xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<error code="400" />
<error code="500" />
<error code="600" />
<routeSource name="<TheQueue'sNameFromZeacom>" address="sip:sipaddress@contoso.com" type="Database" />
<routeDestination address="sip:sipaddressBackupRgs@contoso.com" />
<routeSource name="<TheQueue'sNameFromZeacom>" address="+61212345678" type="Database" />
<routeDestination address="sip:sipaddressBackupRgs@contoso.com" />


Updated 24th March 2016

Following the name-change to Enghouse the folder gets a rename and might have moved. It’ll be in one of the following two locations:

<InstallDrive>:\Program Files\Telephony\EICC Skype Call Router\
C:\ProgramData\Telephony\EICC Skype Call Router\

– Greig.

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