Polycom UCS (VVX) firmware 5.1.1b

Polycom has today released the “v5.1.1b” firmware update for UCS/VVX phones, and this version is now officially Qualified for Microsoft Lync 2013. It contains a handful of new config options, adds support for the expansion module &  fixes the recent “SIP 480 bug”. Early-adopters beware: depending upon the link you click on the Polycom website you might end up with an accidental release of an earlier version of the Lync CAB file: The file you DON’T want is called “Polycom_UC_Software_5_1_1_release_sig_lync.zip”. The correct file is linked below. (Polycom is aware of this – the download link should be corrected soon).


You can find the whole shebang here, but you wouldn’t be the first person to be blinded by the collation of links. Here are the key ones:

Firmware / Software



If you’re already running the VVXs with a version of 5.0.x using Lync for the firmware provisioning, simply bung the CAB file version of the firmware on the Front-End server, let Pat’s script load it for you, and just approve it from the Lync Control Panel. If you’re not there already, I’ve written a little more about the process here, and my recommended config file is here.

“SIP 480” bug

I can confirm that the “SIP 480” bug I wrote about back in May is not present in Lync Cab file versions or

Revision History:

18th July – Updated SIP 480 bug text and updated the BToE link to point to the new v2.3.0 download.


– G.

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