Lync 2013 Client Update – October 2014

We have an October update to the Lync client and she looks to be a beauty! Read all about kb2889929 here.

This update takes the Lync 2013 Client to 15.0.4659.1000/1001.

What’s Fixed?

  • 3001545 Issues occur when a user selects content in a history conversation window in Lync 2013
  • 2996296 Application sharing without audio or video is slow in Lync 2013 when bandwidth is low
  • 2996294 Recorded audio or video content is low-quality or incorrect in Lync 2013
  • 2996292 Unexpected time stamps appear when you paste messages from a conversation window in Lync 2013
  • 2996290 Memory leaks during a video call in Lync 2013 when camera’s capture resolution is 720p or higher
  • 2996289 PSTN call is disconnected in Lync 2013 when you enable the media bypass setting
  • 2996287 Emoticons generated or typed text loses color or formatting when you paste text in an IM conversation in Lync 2013
  • 2996285 Error “Problem Event Name: APPCRASH, Application Name: lync.exe” when you view desktop sharing in Lync 2013

What’s New?

  • 2998659 Update to add recording and gallery view feature in a conversation in Lync 2013 basic
  • 2996298 Update adds a tab in the “Lync – Options” dialog box to manage instant message window related settings in Lync 2013

This one moves a few items from the General tab to a new IM tab:

generalTab-before-edit ImTab-after-edit
  • 2996293 Update changes the default layout of a Lync 2013 instant message conversation window to narrow mode
  • 2996288 Update enables viewers to automatically rejoin a desktop sharing session in a Lync 2013 conference
  • 2996286 Update changes the format of an instant message that is copied from Lync 2013

Known Issues

Screen-readers appear to be an ongoing problem – unchanged from the known issues list of previous updates:

  • 2898357 Screen readers cannot read aloud keystrokes during a Lync 2013 application or desktop sharing session in Windows
  • 2932389 Persistent Chat file transfer fails between an external user and an internal user in Lync 2013


One of these have been updated since the last update:



Current Version


Office 2013 MSO (kb2889927) x86
1.0 7 October 2014
MSORES (kb2817624) x86
1.0 6 Sept 2013
IDCRL (kb2820640) x86
1.0 6 May 2014
LyncHelp (kb2881083) x86
1.0 2 August 2014


Interesting here: IDCRL is no longer listed as a pre-req. I’ve left it here scratched out just for the time being…


The Install Process

I’ve converted to using Tom’s great “install-hotfixes” Powershell module to install my updates these days. Here’s the output. Note that I’ve dropped ALL of the pre-req’s in the one folder (including the old ones I already believe I have installed) and am letting them fight it out:



Alas, yes. The MSO update set the reboot flag apparently. (Click the image for a more legible view).

Before & After

Here’s a before and after comparison of my client on a Windows 8.1 machine.



Lync 15.0.4641.1000 MSO 15.0.4641.1001 Lync 15.0.4659.1001 MSO 15.0.4659.1001
client-before-oct2014 client-after-oct2014


– G.

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