July 2012: NET releases Tenor Firmware P108-09-21

I see NET’s just released a firmware update for the Tenor series of UC Gateways. It takes it up from “AS_AF_AX_BX-DXi-P108-09-18” to “AS_AF_AX_BX-DXi-P108-09-21”.

No idea what’s in it, and I’m not allowed to post it here (sorry) – but if you’re a Tenor devotee like me, you’ve already abandoned this post and are downloading it from the Portal.

If I find anything in it that particularly excites me I’ll let you know…


YES!! WIN! There’s a fix for the “unwanted hunting” bug (previously band-aided with duplicate DN entries for every channel)!

It’s all detailed here -> Download



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  1. HI,
    i have an AX2400 Board and want to do Call routing feature but i am noob at Tenor :(
    i want to route calls to all +1 numbers From FXO Ports 1-4 and Route Calls to all +44 Numbers from FXO Port 5-12 but i cannot find out how to do this may you please help me ?

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