Event Logging in Exchange 2007

Exchange 2010 has gotten us used to the easy life. An inbuilt certificate request wizard and easy GUI-based management of logging levels… Bliss.

If you then find yourself needing to elevate your logging on an Exchange 2007 box you might be a little lost.

This commandlet will confirm the current logging level of the Exchange 2007 UM services:

Get-EventLogLevel “MSExchange Unified Messaging*”

… and to increase it, it’s as simple as piping it:

Get-EventLogLevel “MSExchange Unified Messaging*” | Set-EventLogLevel –level:expert

Don’t forget to change it back when you’re done:

Get-EventLogLevel “MSExchange Unified Messaging*” | Set-EventLogLevel –level:lowest

If you paste the above directly into Exchange and it fails, it’s probably the funky quotation marks. Or you don’t have the UM role installed. :-)

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