Lync 2013 Server Update – December 2016

This “Take 2” at the November CU updates the Core and Web Components from 5.0.8308.974 to 5.0.8308.977, addressing this issue that snuck into the last update:

Kb3212869: Searching for a user on Lync Mobile returns no results after the November 2016 Cumulative Update for Lync Server 2013 is installed.

What’s Fixed?

Just the above.

What’s New?

Nothing apparently.



Here’s the “before” view of it going on to my Standard Edition Front-End:


After you’ve run the installer & updated the databases (if required), don’t overlook the final few steps:

  1. Enable-CSTopology – which will fail if you have SfB2015 co-existing, so don’t be frightened by the error “Command execution failed: “1” error categories reported in topology document.”
  2. Fire off the bootstrapper: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Deployment\Bootstrapper.exe
  3. And if you’ve skipped an update or two, best run Update-CsAdminRole after you’re done to make sure the new commandlets added in previous updates are accessible when PS Remoting.


No, one was not required.

Revision History

15th December: This is the initial release.


– G.

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