Telstra SIP Connect IP Addresses

If you’re deploying a gateway and interfacing to Telstra’s Australian “SIP Connect” SIP trunk service you’ll need to know a few values. Most of the below you’ll get from the relevant Telstra and/or gateway integration guides.

Each state and territory has its own SBC and Telstra STRONGLY prefers you reference these by their host name and use Telstra’s DNS to resolve this. Their requirement here is that you add a conditional forwarder to your corporate DNS for the “” domain.

Domain DNS forwarder IP

The above isn’t to every customer’s liking, or it’s perhaps not something they’re able to do in the required timeframe. Your alternative or temporary workaround is to take the potentially risky step of hard-coding the IP address into the gateway’s Hosts table.

Here’s a table with all of the values you need.

When you’re testing this ahead of commissioning you need to know that Telstra’s SBC address won’t respond to pings – but they’ve kindly provided a separate address that will.

SBC Hostname SBC IP address “Pingable” address Media Range /24 /24 /28 /28 /27 /27 /28 /28


Revision History

14th December 2015: Updated to indicate Tasmania, ACT and NT are deprecated. In those states, use Victoria, NSW & SA respectively. Source: e-mail from DW, TIPT Commissioning, 11/12/15.


– G.


      • Hi Greig,

        We have no idea. We use TIPTs in my company but manage the cubes ourselves. Recently we have had issues with Telstra NBN DOT customers phoning our TIPT service. I was doing a routine check to ensure the SBC/s were on the cube still. ->

        Host Port Flags Age Type Address(es) None (temp, OK) 5 IP None (temp, OK) 5 IP None (temp, OK) 0 IP
        _sip._udp.sbc-qld.nipt.te NA (temp, OK) 0 SRV 1 50 5060

        Ive asked Telstra what they are and why they are appearing.

  1. Good Evening Greig,
    Was wondering if you could help please. I am having troubles with my home phone line with Telstra NBN. I was running 2 modems previously upto December. Reason for the 2 was 1 was the phone line using the Next Gen2 modem and I run a Nighthawk DSL5300 for the Internet giving me far better speeds and coverage. I am now unable to use my house phone unless I use the Telstra modem i have been told. I have spoke to several people and they said to buy an adapter which i ended up buying a Grandstream HT801 and told it was a plug and play option, boy have I learnt. I contacted Telstra to get SIP setup and they supplied my SIP ID and password. I also put the SBC hostname into outbound proxy. In the setup of the HT801 it requires 1.SIP User ID 2. Authenticate ID 3. Password 4. Name which is option. Is it possible to set this HT801 up to work with Telstra or am i wasting my time. Any help would be appreciate i you could. Thanks heaps Trevor

    • Hi Trevor,

      We tried to do what you’re doing here at home and gave up. We’re using a Billion gateway and the only way we’ll get a working FXS port we need to ALSO run the Telstra Netgear downstream from the Billion.

      Whirlpool would be the better forum to ask, and if you find a solution there I’d love it if you were to share it back here.

      – G.

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