Yealink phone immediately reverts after firmware upgrade

This is one for those of you like me who get a little forgetful, or maybe belong to a larger team and sometimes trip each other up.

If you upgrade a Yealink phone’s firmware using its WebUI and it immediately downgrades itself again, just check someone’s not previously loaded and Approved a firmware version in Lync/SfB.

Get-CsDeviceUpdateRule | ? {$_.Brand -match "Yealink"}

In my Lab I had (some time back) approved the .cab version of & after I manually upgraded it to it IMMEDIATELY downgraded itself back to Removing the device update rule stopped this happening and let me get the later version installed.

If you’ve not seen it yet, check out Randy’s comprehensive review of the T48G running v35.8.0.5 firmware.

– G.

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