Lync Server 2013 Update – October 2014

The only thing better than a CU for Lync is a CU that contains fixes you personally recognise. And so it is with this update. An October 2014 update for Lync Server 2013 has landed, taking the Server from 5.0.8308.815 to  5.0.8308.831.

What’s Fixed?

Only the Front-End, Edge & Core Components get a refresh in this update. Here are the fixed bits:

  • 3003346 Cannot see presence status or send instant messages when OWA is integrated with Lync Server 2013 instant messaging
  • 3003347 User cannot dial out to a PSTN number as a guest in an online meeting in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 3003350 Cannot search users by using a keyword that differs from Lync Server 2013 AD DS display name format in a Lync client
  • 3003347 User cannot dial out to a PSTN number as a guest in an online meeting in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 3008181 Centralized Logging Service Agent Service cannot start after you install a September 2014 update for Lync Server 2013

What’s New?

  • Nothing apparently.




The last update listed as a pre-req that “You must make sure that all instances of the Event Viewer and Performance Monitor windows are closed before you install this cumulative update.” so it’s best to follow that guidance here – especially if your servers AREN’T presently already at 5.0.8308.815.

Other than that requirement, the update process is much the same as usual, although the installation process for the Windows Fabric update (NOT required this time if you’re already on 5.0.8308.815 – as per my image above) also requires all Lync services are stopped before you run the installer.

  1. Check you’re ready for this: run “Get-CsPoolUpgradeReadinessState”
  2. Stop-CsWindowsService
  3. Get-CsWindowsService – just to make sure
  4. Run the update – it won’t want a reboot but it WILL drop your users off!
  5. Update “configured databases”, making sure you don’t overlook your Persistent Chat, Monitoring and Archiving Databases. NB: Take extra care – and read the kb guidance – if you’re Mirroring, or have co-located databases

  6. Update the CMS (ONLY if it’s hosted on a Lync 2013 server & ONLY if you’re still on RTM, aka 5.0.8308.0)

  8. Enable the Mobility service (with Enable-CsTopology)
  9. Enable UCWA by running bootstrapper.exe on all Front-End and Director servers

A good test after applying the updates is to run Pat’s “Get-CsDatabaseUpdateStatus” script just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
– G.

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