Polycom Trio – Service Unavailable adding Meet Now participants

A customer reported an interesting bug that found its way to me today, and in the washup it turned out that I was somewhat directly the cause. Ouch. The problem was that anyone hosting a “Meet Now” meeting on the Trio was unable to add participants. When they pressed “+ Add” on-screen button, the phone …

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Public Address (Paging) Options for Microsoft Teams – I

It’s been over 6 years years since I published two how-to guides on ways to interface your (then) on-premises Lync deployment to a public address / paging system: Public Address (Paging) Options for Lync More Public Address (Paging) Options for Lync Given the Cloud-based architecture of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams I thought I should …

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A VVX Courtesy Phone

It’s not an uncommon requirement to provide a “courtesy” phone in a public area. In a hotel it might be a “house phone”. In many deployments all the visitor does is lift the handset from its cradle and the phone autodials or “hotlines” to the required destination.    

VX says VVX “Not Acceptable Here”

Protocols and standards. We live and die by them, and while we can’t live without them, sometimes they can be a royal PITA. And so it is apparently, with Polycom’s interpretation of RFC4568 Session Description Protocol (SDP), with which I became all too familiar this week. I was called in to try and figure out …

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Polycom VVX & Trio Time Zone Location Description

I was working on a Polycom VVX configuration file recently and it took me a while to find where the timezone cities were defined: all I had was a mysterious integer. I found them in the PDF “3725-49078-018a-uc-software-skype-for-business-deployment-guide-5-6-0.pdf” but for future reference I decided to copy and re-post them here. From the PDF: “The following …

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VVX can’t call SfB Unassigned Numbers

As any half-decent taxidermist will tell you, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And so it is with Skype for Business. The clever bit is determining the best method to use when faced with a given challenge. Occasionally you’ll encounter a complicated job-sharing or multiple-hop call distribution scenario that doesn’t fit the …

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VVX – Missing files, config reverted

This error pops up from time to time with the Polycom UCS family of devices (VVX, Trio & SoundPoint) and it’s usually easily resolved. Whilst the phone won’t tell you what the problem is – it doesn’t name the file(s) it can’t find – your provisioning server is likely to hold the answer. In this …

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